Bridal Shower Name Tags


These are beautiful personalized name tags that can match your party favors!


How many times have you found yourself at a shower wondering what someone's name was and how they knew the Guest of Honor?  How many times have you been at an event and unable remember someone's name and were too embarrassed to ask...or even worse, trying to introduce someone whose name you can't remember ...that is awful!  After a party, how many times did you ask someone...'What did (name)'s sister look like??' Or 'who was wearing the.....'

With name tags that not only provide the name, but also the relationship to the Guest of Honor, you will see more people talk to each other because these help strike up a conversation...such as 'Hi Joanne, you're Amber's mom...nice to meet you blah, blah blah...' or 'Oh hi, I didn't know you were Amber's sister!'


These are inexpensive and not tacky like other Hello tags.
Your guests simply write their name and how they know the bride-to-be.
Not only affordable and cute, but they can make your shower a lot more fun and more comfortable for everyone!
All you need to do is choose a graphic from the choices below to appear in the bottom right hand corner, and provide the bride-to-be's name! 

Size: The labels are approx. 2 3/4" X 2"

Quantity: There are 15 labels per each sheet 

Customization: Email any photo needed to:  along with your name.

Quantity is in sheets
(there are 15 labels per sheet)

Minimum Order is 2 sheets of the exact label
(orders less then 2 of the exact same label will not be processed)


Click on Bridal Shower Clip Art Choices below to view available clip art.


Bridal Shower Name Tags

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