Baby Shower Mini Labels for Hershey Nuggets

Our video on wrapping Hershey Nuggets on

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Shows just a few samples
(we have many graphic choices in the link below)
These are the mixture of gender related sayings that come on the bottom:



The graphic choice will appear on the top of the nugget, the shower date appears on one side, the mother-to-be's name appears on the other side, and the sayings will appear on the bottoms.

We sell these as a mixture of sayings
on the bottom of the labels....this is for labels only and does not include any candy.

7 sayings are the same (see above for details) and 3 sayings are determined by you asking for a girl, boy or no gender. We just add on the appropriate 3 sayings in
pink, blue or green!

The labels are 1" x 2 5/8" in size and are easy peel n' stick!

Styling: .The graphic choice will appear on the top of the nugget, the shower date appears on one side, the (mother-2-be's name) Baby Shower appears on the other side, and a MIX of 10 sayings appear on the bottom.

Customization: Email any photo needed to:  along with your name.

Quantity: 30 per sheet
Minimum order is 3 sheets all the same!
Orders less 3 sheets will not be processed!

 We suggest you buy enough for 3-4 per person, that spread looks really nice! 


Click on Baby Shower Clip Art Choices below to view available clip art.

Baby Shower Minis

CLICK HERE for baby shower graphic choices!

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