Custom Tea Bag Labels

Sample to help setting up your design

PLEASE NOTE:  Many fonts are available. Sometimes we will add additional/change font styles to your design. By picking from the above fonts, we will know if your affair is more formal, casual or fun. Therefore help us pick better. Of couse you will see the fonts when you see the proof.

We made these to be no fuss -- no gluing, no mess! Just simply peel and stick onto your favorite tea bags. We use Bigelow Brand Tea bags - they come in all sorts of flavors with colored wrappers and the tea is very flavorful! The personalized labels come with easy-to-follow instructions!

Size: The labels measure aprox 2.83" X 2.2"

Quantity: There are 15 labels per sheet. Below you will be ordering per sheet. Minimum 3 sheets of the same design.

Styling:  We make these for any event.  Above you will see three section, we did this to make it easier to provide your information.  There are times when the three section design does not look right and we need to change it around.  You are not locked the 3 section layout, it's just the most common.


Customization: Email any photo needed to:  along with your name

Proofs: Within 2-4 business days we will send you a proof via email, so you can see if there are any changes before final printing. Please be sure to check your email. We do not ship without proof approval! Depending on our volume, orders will be shipped within 3-4 business days of proof acceptance.

Tea bags are NOT provided!

 Please know that depending on the brand of tea bag and the color of the tea cover, you may see through the label a bit . In the photos above, our samples are ones you can slightly see through, but no one really notices.

Minimum Order is 2 Sheets of the same design
(Orders under 2 sheets will not be processed!)

PLEASE NOTE: First Order Design Fee is $10 (for a simple design)
You Will Be Sent an Invoice Separately.
This only applies to the first custom designed product. Any additional products ordered, where the design applies, will not be charged this fee.






Custom Tea Bag Labels

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